Messier Marathons

I think March is a good month for marathons.  There is one (a think split over two weekends because of the condition of the moon) this weekend and next in Alabama.

One, maybe both of those weekends ought to be clear.

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4 Responses to Messier Marathons

  1. Mike says:

    Yeah, March is the best. I’ve never done one. I was just looking at the MM Field Guide and wondering if I might try it. Could be a good way to get a lot of practice looking up. The opening section of that book was worth reviewing. I still love the photo of the woman with the paper-towel tube taped to her scope.

  2. TJDay says:

    The Marathon was rained out. Rained all day. Today the rain has stopped, but it is still cloudy.

    • Mike says:

      Rats! (“star” backwards, I just noticed.) I hope next weekend is clear for you.

      • TJDay says:

        yea, one of the first palindromes I ever came across. Which was in one of those poetry anthologies, Voices I think it was called.

        ‘Rats live on no evil star’

        I guess that is an astronomical reference.

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