Jupiter’s Red Spot

Currently Jupiter is in Taurus, I think.  Just was looking at the sky overhead tonight.  Gemini in the east, Orion in the south, Auriga in the north, and Taurus in the west.  At least that is what I can see at the moment from the deck.  Honestly, I can barely see Auriga, and I can sort of see Perseus, but it is mostly behind the trees.  But that is Jupiter in Taurus.  Had the binoculars, so took a look at Hyades.  Pretty bunch of stars.

There is apparently a big storm on Jupiter.  Like a hurricane on earth, except that it never reaches land, so it never dies out.  It is called the Great Red Spot, even though it is not quite red anymore, it was when it got that name.  Well, maybe it has never been red, hard to tell exactly where colors are in the universe.  Some might be on Jupiter.

I have been trying to see the red spot for a number of years, but so far I have not.  Tonight, the spot is supposed to be visible at about 9:30PM local time.  According to:


No reason not to trust them.  According to the clear sky clock, it should be clouding up at about that time.  So, will I see it?  Well, stay tuned.  We have about an hour.  I am going to go set up the telescope, hoping that the clouds will stay away just long enough.

Scope is set up.  Out there right now cooling down.  Unfortunately, it is only 8:40pm local time, and the clouds have already reached Orion.  I did get a nice look at the nebula before everything went hazy.  Even Jupiter (I counted four moons) is getting a bit hazy.  Oh, and it is also about to disappear behind a big pine tree in my backyard.  Looks like it is not going to happen tonight.  However, according to the link given above, the Sky and Telescope site, there will be another opportunity this coming Thursday at about 8:44 pm.  I have put that on my calendar.  But, I think I will go take another look right now, but to be sure.  Oh well, clouds rolling in pretty good.  Don’t think I will get the view tonight.

Thursday, though, should be good.

I can wait. Or possibly, I can’t wait.

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