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5 Planets Aligned

Well, tomorrow morning, there were supposed to be 5 bright planets aligned in the east. I will have to wait a few more days, since it is totally cloudy here at the moment, and for the foreseeable future.  (I suppose there … Continue reading

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Jupiter’s Red Spot

Currently Jupiter is in Taurus, I think.  Just was looking at the sky overhead tonight.  Gemini in the east, Orion in the south, Auriga in the north, and Taurus in the west.  At least that is what I can see … Continue reading

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August Star Party (part 2)

I am going to finish the August review now, since we are nearly to November.  You can see the previous entry. As I said, Vega was immediately apparent almost straight up.  Which meant that Lyra was almost directly overhead.  So, … Continue reading

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Star Party August 2012

Pretty successful party for me.  I paid attention, and saw lots of things, including a few of the Perseid Meteors. Though none of the really spectacular ones that others at the site saw.  I had my head down most of … Continue reading

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Apparently, the rover has landed successfully.  So, where are the martians?

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No, not a post about Heidegger, though we astronomical types often do go to work in a clearing.  The weather seems to be clearing for the weekend.  I will try to plan another night here, soon. Also my son gave … Continue reading

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I made it to the star party last night.  The sky was very clear, but a little bit (or maybe a lot) humid.  There were lots of people out with scopes, and I was actually able to help some people … Continue reading

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Okay, tonight was quite clear, but my eyes were not at all dark adjusted.  However, I did get a look at (from South to North, I think) Orion, Taurus (with Hyades and Pleiades), Auriga, Perseus, Casseiopeia, and Gemini just rising … Continue reading

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Didn’t make it

Okay, with respect to the last entry, I did not make it out that night.  Don’t ask why, though it did seem to be clouding up when I was preparing to go.  In any case, I think the plan is … Continue reading

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Tomorrow should be a nice, clear, cold night.  I think I will concentrate on Perseus, Auriga, Orion, and maybe Taurus, and possibly Gemini, if I can last that long.  (Maybe some long underwear is in order.) So, here are some … Continue reading

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